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Ollom Movement Art’s Summer Program was developed by Ollom Dance Theatre Artistic Director, John Ollom to give every type of performer, from novice to professional, an environment to learn through a two-part philosophy: give the dancer a sound anatomical basis for their work and encourage the true voice of the dancer at all times.

This unique program provides the dancer with a daily regiment of core conditioning with the Ollom Floor Series© in conjunction with Master classes in technique which give the tools to support the dancer’s vessel of creativity.

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Prismatic Productions

Prismatic Productions, Inc is a production company.
centered in New York, NY. It produces workshops, films, dance/theatre production, art events.
This company is led by the Board President Jim Sable.
Prismatic is open to producing new work. Current discussion of producing the work of Dana Heffern along with John Ollom in a joint show. Prismatic is looking to produce the work of textile artist Chriztine Foltz and lighting designer Barry Whitfield in collaboration with Ollom Movement Art.

Ollom Art

Ollom Movement Art